Saturday, 22 October 2011

Kareena Kapoor does a thesis on gaalis in 'Ra.One'

You can track down the journey of an ‘abusive’ Kareena Kapoor through a series of films like Jab We Met and Golmaal 3. Bebo has it. The bubbly yet fierce roles she plays on big screen have a lot to do with her cool lingo. In Golmaal 3 she was inventive enough to coin new cuss words, and again we are seeing the similar Kareena in Ra.One, courtesy, who else than Shahrukh Khan.

Yes, it was Shahrukh’s idea to show Kareena like this in ‘Ra.One’. “Shahrukh wanted to feature a female character doing a thesis on gaalis…” informs Kareena. In fact, Shahrukh was keen that it should be a women-centric thing.

Kareena explains the phenomenon. In Golmaal 3, she was a firebrand, and no one dared to mess with her, while in ‘Ra.One’ she is an irritable housewife. Her character, Sonia, is always on her toes. She is basically researching on various kinds of cuss words, and is writing a book on how every bad word starts with Maa Ki… and Behen Ki….

The promo showing Kareena’s profane avatar was also released recently. In the promo, she is unleashing a volley of cuss words, which sound as refreshing as Kareena’s looks in the film. The dialogues read like this, “Tere baap ki…Tere tau ka poda….”

Have a look at this cool trailer where Kareena Kapoor shows her knowledge of new abuses, and rains a few of them on Shahrukh Khan himself:

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